St. Peter's Sunday School

Godly Play Room is ready at St. Peter’s for children ages 3 to 12. 

Godly Play honors the spirituality our children are born with as children of God and seeks to give them the gift of religious language that will enable them to express their spiritual experiences throughout their life.

Godly Play uses models to tell three types of stories–liturgical, sacred, and parables–which enables the stories to be recreated in the present moment. The children easily enter into the story by watching what happens as the story unfolds. At the end of the story is a period of open-ended wondering questions where the children use their imagination to see themselves in the story, decide what they like best about the story, and experience adults in the church affirming their voice and opinions.

Seeing and hearing the stories stimulates their creativity. The children are then given a period for their response to the story either through some type of artwork or working with the story materials. The children are given choices in what they would like to do. They are also encouraged to care for their own classroom and are made to feel self-sufficient as everything in the room is at their level.

After the children put away the materials used during their response time, we re-gather in a circle for snack time. This is intended to symbolize the Eucharist and it begins with each child naming something for which they are thankful.

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