Harvest Sharing

Sharing from Our "Enough" to Offer Hospitality, Hope and Healing

What is Harvest Sharing?

The short answer is its outreach. The longer answer is its a more helpful way of understanding how we handle all our possessions. We think of all that we own, individually and communally, as our harvest. We produce our harvest by using our own abilities, talents, and labor along with receiving God’s graces and gifts that enable and sustain life.

Our primary drive to produce a harvest is to provide for basic necessities: food, clothing, shelter, education, productivity, health, well-being. God wants us to have these since they are basic needs for all human beings to enable them to live their fullest potential. We never need to worry that God wants to take these from us. God does not desire our suffering and struggling to survive; this is not the Kingdom of God, but what is fallen in this world. God constantly works–through the voice, heart, feet, and hands of all people–to relieve suffering and struggling.

For many of us, our harvest is not totally expended acquiring the necessities of life. This means that we are blessed to have more than “enough” in our harvest. If we are in an active, loving relationship with God, we may give the first-fruits of our harvest to God as a statement of gratitude in all that God has given us as well as in trust that God will continue to be with us. With our “enough” that remains we can pursue hobbies, recreational activities, and give to those in need or less fortunate than ourselves.

This giving to God and those in need is sharing our harvest, also known as Harvest Sharing.

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