Our Perish Evangelism

The parish established an Evangelism Team, to focus on our evangelism/new member ministry, in the summer of 2010.

Our approach to this area of ministry has been influenced by two books: Transforming Evangelism written by David Gortner and Welcome! Tools & Techniques for New Member Ministry written by Andrew D. Weeks. Members of the Team also had the opportunity to attend a two-day workshop presented by Mr. Weeks.

We believe that evangelism is our natural expression of gratitude for God’s goodness in our individual lives and in our corporate life as a parish. As Gortner puts it, “Gratitude and wonder, born of grace, drive evangelism, propelling you outward beyond yourself to places you have not gone before. Your (faith) story compels you to give yourself to others, expressing in word and deed the wonder and delight of God’s love for you and all humanity.” Using this definition of evangelism, every member of the parish is, in fact, a member of the parish Evangelism Team.
As a Team we have establish two initial goals:

1. To develop and establish a small group home ministry program; and,
2. To develop and establish a new member ministry process through which prospective or new members of the parish will be warmly welcomed into the parish and, over time, fully included in the life of the parish.

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