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Our mission statement reflects who we are: "St. Peter's is a family and community of faith that serves Christ and welcomes you on your journey with God. In His love, we follow, serve, and reach out to offer hospitality, hope, and healing."

We are a diverse community with many long-time residents of this area, yet are blessed to have families and individuals from various backgrounds, places, and occupations. St. Peter's has served our community since 1744.

If you join this faith community, you will experience people with vibrant faith, hearts devoted to serving their neighbors, and a good sense of humor.

As you browse our Web site, you will find many opportunities for outreach, education, fellowship and worship.

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Bob Merrill is Honored as a St. Peter’s Apostolic Fellow (pictured with his wife, Terry and son, Chris)

St. Peter’s Apostolic Fellowship recognizes parishioners who follow in the footsteps of the Apostle Peter by abundantly giving of themselves in the areas of stewardship (sharing time, talent and treasure) and evangelism (sharing the Good News of Jesus) to build and make visible the Kingdom of God on earth. When they hear or see something that needs to be done, they take the initiative of stepping forward to help and take leadership roles. The Apostolic Fellowship is a way to recognize and say “thanks” to those who share of themselves in the fullest sense of what it means to be a disciple of Christ and follow in the footsteps of our namesake, Saint Peter the Apostle. Previous recipients are: Paul Buckley (2013), Duane Young (2014), Shirley Biddle (2015), and Mary Sanders (2016).

Bob Merrill was recognized during the 10 AM service on our Patron Feast Day—June 25th. He started attending St. Peter’s with his parents when he was a young boy where he served as an acolyte and has remained an active member through the years. On Sundays at the 10AM service, he serves as a greeter, an usher and climbs the stairs into the bell tower to ring the start of the service.

Bob is a great evangelist for Jesus and St. Peter’s. He carries St. Peter’s information cards that he readily hands out whenever an opportunity arises and he is comfortable sharing why he enjoys being a member of St. Peter’s. On Palm Sunday, Bob leads our outdoor parade to the sanctuary doors playing his drums.

Bob has a love for history. He shares this love in giving church tours to our Sunday 10AM service guests as well as visitors during special events. He has also researched the history on many of our permanent residents in the cemetery and put together a guided tour. Bob shares pictures from his childhood of St. Peter’s fellowship gatherings during our homecoming Sunday in Lent.

Bob applied for a grant for distressed cemeteries to replace our iron fence along the street at the cemetery and then wrote an article on the cemetery for the Sun Times. Bob has watched over St. Peter’s endowments for decades and currently serves as the Treasurer. 

Bob shares his talent and time very generously and in a variety of ways that helps St. Peter’s ministries of hospitality, hope and healing to our parishioners and the wider community be successful. Thank You, Bob!


If you have any questions or concerns about the Episcopal faith, we encourage you to call (302-653-9691) or email us:
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